Myopia Swimming Goggles HD Shortsighted Swimming Glasses Diopter Spectacles Plating Lens Nearsighted Swim Pool Use 3pcs/set


► VALUE SWIMMING GOGGLES PACKAGE--Swimming Goggles case +Swimming cap + swim goggles + Earplugs + Nose Clip. With these items,you will be able to enjoy your swimming.The swim goggles fits most of people.

► ANTI FOG & UV PROTECTION --The inner surfaces of the lenses are anti-fog coated to prevent fogging. You will have a clear and wide sight under water. The outer surfaces of the lenses are carefully coated with ultraviolet-proof material, effectively protect your eyes from being hurt by bright sunlight, especially when you swim in the open air.

►NO LEAKING,FLEXIBLE & COMFORTABLE --Hurdilen swim goggles have double -deck seal design and flexible silicone gasket frame construction to ensure a leak-proof seal. 3D ergonomic design fits your eye socket. Its well-designed buckle makes it easy to put on and take off swimming goggles.

► ENJOY YOUR SWIMMING--The Mirrored anti-fog goggles used poly-carbonate has incredible impact resistance. The nose clip and earplugs not only protect your nasal cavities and eardrum, but also imporve your swimming performance.

► BEST QUALITY GUARANTE-- Swim Cap designed specifically for maximum comfort. Fits all men, women, and children. Protects your ears while keeping your hair dry and giving you less resistance and drag to allow a faster swim.The swim goggles are not remommended to kids under 5years old


Cap Color: Pink/ Blue /Black //Silver
Myopia: 150-700 
Myopia Goggles Color: Black
Plain Goggles Color: Pink /Blue /Black /Silver 

Package List:

1 *Goggle
1 *Case

1 *Cap

1 *Nose clip 

2 *Ear plugs



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