Handheld GPS Receiver Navigation GPS Tracker USB Compass Outdoor Sport Travel Locator Finder

Handheld GPS Receiver Navigation Outdoor Location GPS Tracker USB Rechargeable with Compass Outdoor Sport Travel Locator Finder

A6 Handheld GPS Navigation upgrades and optimizes the operation process, data organization form, navigation location module, system and map navigation, so as to meet the requirements of user acquisition, area measurement, navigation, point finding, track recording and other work in various industries as much as possible. It can also be applied in the outdoor field.

Navigation functions:
1. Outdoor hiking

2. Orienteering

3. Outdoor rescue

4. Looking for campsites

5. Outdoor adventure

6. the desert

7. Looking for water source

8. Navigating along the road


Agriculture: Acre measurement, length measurement

Forestry: Area calculation, and garden planning

Geology: Regional water quality survey

Communication: Network planning, base station location

Fishing: Save the coordinate of fishing point

Shop inspection, inflection point coordinates, track recording

system: GPS + beidou
Positioning accuracy: 1m
Positioning time: 45s

Plug type: US plug

Rated voltage: 110VAC

Display: 2.4 inches color LCD

Straight-line navigation: Support
Track navigation: Support
Compass: Support

Coordinate point storage: 1000 records
Data export format: TXT / CSV / GPX / CAD / BMP
Battery capacity: 2500mAh rechargeable lithium battery
Charging method: USB charging

Waterproof grade: IP65
Product size: 15*5.5*2.5cm / 5.9*2.1*1.0in

Package weight: Approx. 387g / 13.6oz

Package list:

1 * Handheld GPS Navigation

1 * Hanging Rope
1 * USB Cable
1 * Plug
1 * User Manual







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